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3 dames in Indonesie (BSc)



Ivar Abas
Remote river rating in Zambia. A casestudy in the Luangwa river basin.

Develop and evaluate a method to improve remote river rating by better estimating the hydraulic paramaters bed roughness and hydraulic slope by combining innovations in the field of hydraulic modelling with UAV photogrammetry.

Juliette Eulderink
Modelling and assessing impacts of large-scale hydropower projects on the ecohydrology of rivers in Myanmar

To address the energy demand gap, the government of Myanmar has turned to the nation’s free flowing rivers, aiming to triple the current installed hydropower capacity by 2030. Although there are obvious benefits to installing these hydropower dams, they also have the potential to completely alter the the natural flow regime, which can be critical for maintaining physical processes and habitats downstream. When local hydrological data is scarce, and only empirical flow alteration-ecological response relationships exist, how can we quantify and model these impacts and make recommendations for environmental flows?