Julie Grelot

  • Julie Grelot

Presentation 71e Vakantiecursus
Full-scale micropollutant removal from municipal wastewater in Switzerland

Since January 2016 the legal basis to upgrade selected municipal wastewater treatment plants in Switzerland with a treatment step to eliminate organic micropollutants (MP)  is in force. There are already 4 full-scale ozonations and 3 full-scale plants applying activated carbon operating. The phase of selecting the optimal technology at each WWTP for its given local boundary conditions such as the wastewater composition, the biological treatment process, the effluent quality, the recipient condition etc. is crucial for efficient MP removal. The VSA platform process engineering MP – a research practice interface- supports stakeholders in this phase.

About the speaker
Julie studied Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the EPFL and obtained her master degree in 2016. Since 2.5 years She’s working for the platform “Process Engineering Micropollutants” which is part of the Swiss water association. Her work focusses on projects concerning ozonation (monitoring, suitability test for ozonation).